Saturday, August 9, 2008

So I had this underwater idea…….

I recently went to Hawaii well, Maui to be exact. And I bought an underwater digital camera for taking pictures of sea turtles and see life. And I got to thinking ..what if I put my models underwater and use my crazy painting/ drawing style in underwater poses? So I put an ad out for models, and Justin responded ( I could go on and on and on about Justin. But this is about my new style or look. So I won't) anyway, I started trying to create the look of water that I wanted in my art, you know those wiggly white lines that end up reflecting on everything? Well nothing seem to be working, so I just decided to sit down and do my first try of one of the pictures that I took (see image) and I have to say I like it, it's not exactly what I was going for. I think it definitely is in need of fine-tuning but as a first try, It's a good start.

More later


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Now that I have you here, what am I going to do with you?

I guess I can write about my sketching salon experience. I sucked!! But before we get to that I have to explain this picture. I arrived in Hollywood, an hour early so I decided to stop at the spotlight for a drink. The spotlight is a hole in the wall gay bar, full of old gay guys and young rent boys. I ordered a martini, and an older black gentleman came and sat next to me. He asked me what time it was. And I told him six o’clock; he thought it was 2 p.m... He then told me “he sure loves sucking white cock.” To which I replied “don't we all.” He expressed his wish to suck on mine and I explained I was only here for a quick drink and that I had plans. At some point during this conversation my drink arrived and was placed on an “I lost me to meth” coaster. I looked around the bar and thought how appropriate the coaster was in this location. I had to snap a picture of it. After sitting in an awkward silence for about 10 minutes, my gentleman friend asked what I was doing later. I finished my drink, and told him that it had been a long day, and that I was really looking forward to going to sleep, alone. After leaving the bar, I walked the Hollywood walk of fame; I was amazed at the number of call girl clothing and shoe stores. Then I remembered how much I love Hollywood.
The whole point of this entry was to tell you about my sketching salon, however there’s not a lot to tell. The model “Benjamin” was gorgeous. He was a boxer with a perfectly toned body, and really cute face. Every drawing I did that evening turned out to be a disaster! It was so frustrating to have such a gorgeous model and not be able to draw 1 line to save my life. I'm just going to assume I was tired and now burn any evidence of that evening.