Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's okay to suck!!

Obviously the doors wide open with the title of this posting, many a funny things could be said about "it's okay to suck". And let's be honest it is okay to suck. And that is exactly what I did in the drawing above. Suck. Now that I think about it I have a funny story about sucking.

Many many moons ago I was working with this adorably cute model, I was in a monogamous relationship and my boyfriend was out of town. ( So convenient) this guy was putting every single move on me and I had to keep saying no.

So a year passes, I've ended the relationship I was in and I was standing in line outside of Mickey's (before it burned down) and I see this model, I yelled to him hello and I'm single now. Honestly in a crowd full of gays waiting to go into a gay bar I'm yelling hello and I'm single. He walks over to me and smiles the cutest smile, grabs my hand and says "I want to show you something" we walk a block away and he points to a Billboard above the car wash on Santa Monica Blvd. there he was, his smiling face larger than life on the Billboard. I was congratulating him and telling him how cool I thought it was, when I realized we had been walking and were in the middle of a bunch of apartment buildings. He takes me to this parking structure, it wasn't even a parking structure it was small (it could hold 10 cars... maybe) and had big open air windows on all sides of it. We go to the corner (I don't know why... you can see everything from every direction in that parking garage.) He gets on his knees, undoes my pants and goes to "work". It was wonderful, but I know he has an amazing body. I have dreamed of running my hands all over his amazing body. I'm trying to do that awkward thing where you bend over the person, try and touch and feel what you can, but if you're standing up and they are on their knees, you can forget about grabbing the parts you want. Anyway, I'm nervous about getting caught and he's doing a great "job" and I notice he's been stroking himself this whole time. Within 15 minutes of entering the parking garage we both had a happy ending, he stood up to button his fly, I told him to turnaround pulled his pants back down (he has the cutest butt) and like a true gentleman he leaned forward so I could truly appreciate it. Then we went our separate ways, and I have never seen him again.

How's that for sucking??

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