Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photo shoot extravaganza.

For the longest time I've been working on my product line, (no outside companies with other opinions.) I really had no idea how hard it is to pull all the elements of having your own line together. For over a year now I have been putting my time and my money into what I believe to be a distinct line of garments and household accessories, (and I'm not even finished) BUT!!! I have enough developed to start doing photo shoots. The last three days I've been overseeing model and product photo sessions.

The first thing I HAVE to talk about is my model, Jared Michaels. Just so you know, he is a delightful human being. Anybody who says otherwise can talk to me and I will sort them out. He was up for anything, has an amazing body and is willing to try new things. (Love him!)

I have a lot more to talk about with my photo shoot extravaganza, but I have to go, so I'll post some more tomorrow!!

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