Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Is my published artwork available in 11 x 17 prints?????

this is work on the wall of my studio for my book!!!
I recently had an e-mail asking….. Is your published artwork available in 11 x 17 prints?????
And I've also had a few e-mails complaining that, artwork I'm using to advertise my website is not available on my website. Right now I am working on the first Ethan Maxx coffee-table art book (I am very excited about it) unfortunately, everything I'm drawing is first considered for my book, I will have a new gallery up in January 2009 but for now my focus is on the book. But to answer your question. Anything that you seen published or that I'm using for advertising is available in 11 x 17 prints for the same price that is available on my web site. So… yes, Virginia, I'm a whore! (In the biblical sense) just e-mail me a description of the image you're interested in,and I'll e-mail you a thumbnail to make sure we are talking about the same artwork.

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Robert Chandler said...

You need to blog more.
Just post a drawing or painting. Or tell a story about a model.
I saw your stuff at the Tom of Finland Art Fair. It just blew me away. It's so dynamic, confident and beautiful. It make me feel the way I feel when I look at Don Bachardy's work.
I'm looking forward to that book. You already g=have a customer in me.