Friday, September 10, 2010

Face it.

I need to come up with a new concept for my blog, it was about my past work and models. I'm running out of stories and I love my new work so much more. I'm trying to get my book finished and if I post new work on the blog then I'll have nothing for the book..... any ideas?? let me think.


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Unknown said...

What can you do if you can't post your new work ?

Actually, tons of things.

1-tell us more about yourself, about your childhood, your adolescence, your first love, your first heartbreak, your coming-out story and so on...that is, if you don't mind getting too personal.

2-try finding new challenges:
some ideas:
-You can't post "gay stuff" cause all gay drawings are supposed to be published in your artbook, right ? So, why don't you try drawing every now and then, sceneries involving elderly ppl, children, teens, women, parents.
Let's see it as a journey in the straight world ? (would make me feel pretty depressed to draw stuff like that though. Then...why am I suggesting this to you ? ahhh well, someone has to do it, and you’re the artist, and you’re supposed to broaden our horizons, aren’t you ^^).
But I think it would be interesting, for your technique, for your art, for us, and for you as a gay individual.

-Each day try to help someone, try to do your daily good deed and tell us about how it went.
Each day, and it's not like I’m desperately looking for it, I help at least one person (to find his way, to make a vending machine work, to read streetsigns, to carry or grab something etc…) It’s fun, you’ll meet new people, and it makes you feel good about yourself.

-Each day, try to find people that are funny at their own expenses. Take the subway, you’ll meet very funny and weird ppl in there. Or talk to old ppl, they’re so cunning, so cynical and disillusioned and sometimes, they’re so deaf, you can’t even speak to them, but that’s part of the fun too! And of course, tell us about your funny encounters too.

It may look like it's lots of work, but just living in itself is a whole bunch of work. And meeting ppl is what life consist in, don’t ya think ?

note: I’m wondering why nobody is leaving comments, though I’m sure many ppl actually visit your blog.
I think that the world is filled with lazy ppl. I’m a lazy bum too, but ppl seem to be much lazier than I am, or I’m very talkative and shameless, or I just don’t have a life (well, I was dumped one month ago, this explains that).
I think your blog deserves more comments, cause your posts are witty, and nice on the eyes.
I’ve already read all the post, when I’ll have more time, I think I’ll post some comments here and there.
Last thing, but i'm sure you'll think this remark is the most valuable and interesting out of all the whimsical stuff i've said so far: i'm a huge fan of your sketchy, rough, wild and colorful art. So keep the tasty boys coming !

Have a nice day !
Greetings from france (so you’ll have to excuse my spelling/grammatical mistakes)