Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bottom says what?

Today's story is coming to us from Dino Phillips (not only is he a famous porn star, but he also manages my promotions and kicks my ass when I get lazy) he told me this story about bottoming on a porn shoot, and I thought this image went perfect with the story.

He was a last-minute fill-in (pun intended) for the bottom who just canceled. The camera crew for some reason didn't know his name and kept saying things like... " bottom, lift your leg higher" ... or " bottom, cheat your butt to the camera more" anyway Dino kept getting more and more frustrated (I know reading this is not going to be as funny as Dino saying it) but he finally said "I have a name!!" So sometimes just for fun people call him bottom. ( I encourage it.)

1 comment:

Dino Phillips said...

Whoever pressed "cool" I want you to know that I'm mostly a TOP!! (J/K)...LOL