Sunday, December 12, 2010

Comments on commenting

Hello, is this thing on?? I just finished reading my entire blog, I had a lot to say. ( A LOT) I can't believe some of the things I've said and I can't believe how long I've been keeping this up.( As cheesy as this is going to sound) the best part is hearing from you. I just read some comments I didn't even know I had, and they made me feel wonderful... dare I say, glamorous! I love that you love my crazy wild messy line drawings.
However... I have a counter on this blog, and I see the number of people who pass through here week by week. Y'all are quiet! Honestly if you love it or hate it I love hearing from you. I have it set up so you can leave comments anonymously... and if you leave nasty mean comments, I'll read them over and over again while touching myself inappropriately, uncontrollably sob over the fact that I disrespected myself as I pleasured myself and then delete your bitchy-ass comment.


Dino Phillips said...

OK. I love this post the BESTEST!!

Jay said...

Ethan, I love your drawings, especially the one on RBL show wall. It captures the emotion beautifully between those two men.

No need to touch yourself inappropriately over my comment, but I'm not stopping you....