Thursday, December 16, 2010

I love and hate this about me.

The image above is not my work, this is another artist's drawing of me. I could tell you his name, but his work looks so much like mine do I really need that competition on my blog?? Here's what I will do, if the artists (and you know who you are) reads my blog... he is more than welcome to give himself credit in my comments section.
The story behind the drawing... I regularly attended this sketching "salon". It's a great experience to sit around with other gay artist and sketch ( smoke n'hot naked models in erotic poses) this particular day I was producing crap. Nothing. Everything I drew sucked! When the model when on break the other artists were talking about how they wanted to keep drawing. I stood up and said " I'll pose" before they could answer I took off my shirt, my pants and underwear and jumped up on the box. At the moment I was thinking... yes! I live life to the fullest! I'm pretty fucken Awesome to get up here get naked in front of all these guys. (Then I could feel myself start to get hard) so I started thinking of math... 2+2 is 4, 4+4 is 8, 8+8 is 16... please don't get hard. Anyway, the other guys drew me, one of guys gave me his drawing which is the one pictured above.
When I got home I was thinking, "what the hell was I thinking" getting naked in front of my peers! Oh God I feel so stupid! I love living in the moment but to be completely honest I regret it a lot.

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Dino Phillips said...

You shouldn't regret've got the 'goods' baby! ;-) Don't ever think twice about what you do in the name of art. Every step is progress...whether in front of or behind the canvas.