Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot tub & a bottle of wine

This former friend of mine... ( I guess we are still friends, we just don't talk, or have not talked in over a year) anyway. We used to work out together, and we've seen each other naked 1000 times in the locker room. So it was no big deal when he stopped by my house, we had a few glasses of wine and we decided to get in the hot tub. ( We didn't even think about using swimsuits) long story short, the wine goes straight to my friends head and the next thing I know, his one eyed monster ( and I use the word monster accurately) ( big!!) Is staring me in the face. I should also mention, I'm seeing this guy and he was comeing over at any moment. I can't do this. ( Every part of me wanted to ) but I can't. I tried to explain this situation but my friend is using this "tool" to pry open my lips and saying " we can do this real quick no one will ever know." I was like a child that would not eat broccoli, he pushed hard and I kept my lips tight. ( Nope!)
He finally sat down on to the edge of the hot tub, he was all wet, steamy, hard, drunk and rejected ( I felt horrible)but.. he looks stunning, so I drew him.
If you ( you know who you are) read this blog, know that I love and respect you, I wouldn't change that day for anything. Call me!!!!!

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