Saturday, January 16, 2010

A new breed of gay

The other day I was waiting for a table at PF Chang's, this young guy came in, in tight jeans, a trendy haircut and a arm full of bracelets. My friend said " wow, he's too gay to function." I corrected my friend and said we should be proud of what we just saw. This is history. This is what every gay guy in the past was fighting for. Not to function within society, but to function as you are,

this guy in the drawing, (a little effeminate) for my taste, but Ball Z. as hell. At 5 foot 7" 145 pounds, this Las Vegas native was a proud Mary. He told me it was unfair that he was naked and I was not ( not the first time I've heard that.) when I didn't comply, he crawled into my lap and straddled my leg. Without thinking about it my index finger lightly traced the crease between his cheeks, he told me that felt good because I had long nails, (I used to chew my nails and I always forget to trim them, it's very embarrassing) I don't remember what we talked about, but we talked for a while, when he said " I think you should fuck me" (very matter-of-fact.) He backed off of me onto his knees to undo my fly, as he struggled with the button he looked up at me and said " I just want to see what I'm dealing with here." I was completely aroused, he lightly kissed it. And then seductively crawled back ( wrinkling all the drawings I had done of him.) and waited for me on the pile of pillows by the fire.

I titled him the new breed of gay, because he wasn't the stereotypical Hollywood gay sidekick, he worked like a woman, he made me feel like a man yet he was completely in control. Very sexy.

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