Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lovely bones......

This could be my most F'd-up posting... yet
last night my breath was taken away by road kill. Normally, if I see anything on the road that could be dead I look away, pretend it's not there, say out loud " la la la la la la" and then silently wonder whose heart is going to be broken tonight when their beloved pets doesn't return home. How long will they walk around neighborhoods calling out their name, making funny noises in bushes and shaking bags of treats. Then I pray that their little bodies never be found. The horror of finding your friend lifeless in the road. I don't even know what I would do? Stop traffic,... the mess... and the public display of emotion as you with deals loss???
As I was driving I saw a full-grown feline laying lifeless in the medium. Backlit by oncoming traffic I was struck by the beauty of the silhouette of a deceased cat. "she" ( I'm assuming ) was laid out as if basking in the sun, completely relaxed and free of life's worries. The line that flowed from her hips to her rib cage made me wished I was drawing and not driving and.... in a weird way it made me happy that I look for the beauty in Life.

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