Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Public motivation. week 1

Why on gods green earth would I post such an unattractive picture of me??? ( My Internet wasn't working this morning so I almost didn't, I think the universe is trying to tell me something.) Don't do it!
Here's the situation, I have not worked out in over a year. I drink vodka like it's water. And my trips to McDonald's are becoming more frequent. I can't seem to make myself work out.
My 33 year old body is crying for help, on top of that I'm not letting anyone touch my squishy body. ( I've had offers.) I figure what I needed is motivation, somebody to report to... ( you )
this could be considered extremely vain, but it is a blog about me;)

Week one: 5'11" 140 pounds ( when I'm in my best shape I weigh 150 - 155 pounds) if this posting mysteriously disappears... that means I give up... and I'm having a martini.

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