Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The best models

In my experience I have found that the best models are often dancers or go-go boys. I hate having to pose models, telling someone how to look natural while naked is next to impossible. When you have guys who are naturally comfortable with ther body, it is easy for them to slip into a natural pose. Back in the day I used to put ads up in gym locker rooms, I would end up with these guys who were so in love with themselves (and they looked pretty good) but their muscles were so tightly restricted it was hard for them to find a natural pose. That and the fact that they can only talk about themselves the work out there doing the muscle milk their drinking. (Boring)

This guy was a dancer in music videos or something like that, he was lying on a blanket on the floor in front of my fireplace. He was telling me that he got into dance because his sisters were in ballet and he felt like he was always at the dance studio, so he decided to join. It was one of those great moments of good conversation, good wine, good music and a great model.

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artlover said...

Help is on the way! I am a dancer and choreographer and would be happy to help you pose your models - and would love to see you at work - how you create such beautiful art work!