Wednesday, December 23, 2009

They're not always good......

I don't know why I am posting this drawing, that's not true I do know why. What I should say is... I'm embarrassed to post this drawing. It is certainly not the worst drawing I have ever done... it just does nothing for me. I could easily ( very easily ) blame the model. When he started this pose he was not aroused. So I could say I was distracted by his... "growing interest" but movement down there happens on every single model I've ever drawn, even the straight ones (the real straight ones) sketching somebody is giving every inch of their body attention, I wonder if I could describe it as.... running my hands all over their body, and describing it to you. They feel what I'm doing, and you see what I felt.... too corny? I don't know... it's early I kind of like it.
Some of the pieces of mine that are currently published, I have hated. In fact I wanted to rip them up so that no one would know I did it. What I thought at that moment was a failure, was revisited and is now on my list of favorites. So who knows what anyone will think of this drawing? Just because all I see is a fat face and a skinny dick with a weird head, doesn't mean someone's not going to love it.
Just not me...;)

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