Sunday, December 27, 2009

The most confusing time of year!

Christmas has become a confusing time for me. My grandpa was a minister for the Salvation Army ( not grandpa Maxx, he was a painter to, but he painted things like the Virgin Mary, the Pope's hands, flowers and boats out at sea that would be named after my grandmother.) I know I'm getting way off course here, but the painting of the Pope's hands - I always thought that was Elvis's hands. If you look at the sleeves of what Elvis wore and look at the sleeves of what the Pope wears.... very similar. Not only that, I always assumed that Elvis drank from Gold cups.
Anyway.... Christmas was always a religious time for me. (Praise baby Jesus) however these days, I don't like and I don't trust organized religion. For obvious reasons. You add on top of that frazzled people, running around and buying crap for people they don't even like, just so they can check them off their list. Christmas has become one of the ugliest holidays (in my mind) on the flip side of that, a well decorated Christmas tree is the most beautiful things I've ever seen. I can and I have spent hours staring at them, I'm not kidding. So I think you can see why Christmas is a confusing time for me.
As for the picture I posted, I thought he looked so satisfied and happy and overall that's how I felt about my Christmas vacation.

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