Monday, December 28, 2009

Yoga boy.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away ( Hollywood ) I took this yoga class on Wednesday night for one reason, it wasn't the teacher, I didn't think she was bad, but a yoga teacher with fake boobs???
The reason... a guy (pictured above) he was easy on the eyes (very easy ) and that was only half the package, he had calm beautiful energy, every move, was deliberate and confident... it was kind of like slow motion, but not.
After about five classes,nothing but courteous smiles, I was dying to find a way to talk to him. " Hey, great assisted standing forward bend today." sounded like I was trying. Surrounded by want to be Hollywood starlets, who talked about the new acting classes they were trying. We... gathered our things and tied Our shoes in silence. I started to repack my bag and without thinking about it set my sketchbook right next to him. " Are you an artist?....." he spoke.... "can I take a look?"he asked. "I have always fantasized about posing nude for an artist." He stated. (Holy Shit!!) Did he just say that?
More on this later........

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