Monday, December 14, 2009

Showing my work....

Whenever I have guys over to draw, I always set my previous artwork out for their review. This way they can see that I am talented and not crazy. Most of the time it's an awkward situation, for both me and the model to determine when they should get naked. They ask questions like.... "so do I get naked now ?" or "how does this work do I start my in underwear?
This guy (in the drawing above) enter the studio and immediately started to undress. He was telling me that he had a little trouble finding the place as he was taking his underwear off! I was actually a little speechless. First off, he was stunningly beautiful and second, he was stunningly beautiful naked! I showed him my pile of work, he started sifting through it and telling me how talented I am, but the only thing I could focus on was the head of his member resting and slightly moving on the table. (It was so hot!) I told him I had to draw him immediately, he was a little confused and asked " like this?" I told him that the light was hitting him perfectly, I wasn't going to tell him that the weight of his junk resting and dancing on my artwork was too hot for words. He continued to look at my artwork and I started to draw, it was a great night of ..... drawing ;)

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Anne Ross Oliva said...

Incredible lines in this drawing!